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For Immediate Release:  July 11, 2016

Saint Hood Productions Will Announce New Television Series: “At the End of the Santa Fe Trail” 

(Albuquerque)—On Wednesday, July 13th at 11 am Saint Hood Productions, LLC., will host a press event at Saint Joseph’s Children located at 1516 5th Street NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102 to announce a new television series entitled, “At the End of the Santa Fe Trail.” The project tells the story of Sister Blandina Segale, a nineteenth century nun that resided in New Mexico, and is currently being evaluated by the Vatican for Sainthood. The production will employ 150-200 New Mexicans.  Tomas Sanchez will produce and direct the series that is anticipated to create over 1 million dollars in revenue for the State of New Mexico.

Tomas Sanchez said “This project is really the culmination of years of effort in the form of tax rebates and other special incentives by the New Mexico Film Office to create a world-class cadre of film professionals that live and work here. What makes this project so unique is that this is a New Mexican story, funded out of New Mexico, which will employ a 98% New Mexican cast and crew.  I am honored to tell Sister Blandina’s story.  This task requires lots of attention to history and demands that we hire the best New Mexican cast and crew to execute some very technically challenging film sequences. While this is a true story of an amazing nun who changed the history of the Southwest, it is also a fast-paced Western that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.”

       Allen Sanchez, title, “On June 29, 2014 the Most Reverend Michael J. Sheehan, who was at that time Archbishop of Santa Fe, posted a decree on the doors of the Basilica Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi, officially opening the Cause of the Beatification and Canonization of Sister Blandina Segale. For the first time in 400 years of Catholicism here in New Mexico, the Vatican has given permission to consider Sister Blandina Segale for Sainthood.  This television series, which is adapted from her diaries, will tell the true story of her astonishing bravery, generosity and selflessness.  We are excited to consult on this project.  Sister Blandina’s abiding faith and her Christ like belief in the essential goodness of mankind is an inspiration for all people, not just Catholics. It’s a story that could only be unearthed in New Mexico. Where else could one imagine a nun that stares down the barrel of a gun on a stagecoach being hijacked by Billy the Kid?”

Ann Lerner, Film Liaison for the City of Albuquerque Film Office, “Over the years, in Albuquerque, we have been fortunate to host many large-scale film productions.  However, all of those productions were funded from out of State.  So once filming ended, so did the revenue for New Mexico. It is so exciting to see that our film community has reached a level where New Mexicans can reap the full benefits of film production from beginning to end.  New Mexicans can invest in film, generate jobs while the film is in production and continue to create revenue that stays in the State when the film or TV program is distributed.  It is that last piece of revenue that typically goes elsewhere.”

Casey Thompson, Program Director at EWTN said, “At the Catholic Channel we saw this program and we knew right away that this story had to be shared.  Sister Blandina Segale stood for the fair treatment of Hispanic and Native American people by initiating education for the poor.  She undertakes the task of building a new schoolhouse, known as St. Joseph Academy, without the cash to pay for it.  She put her own life at risk many times and her story is captivating because like all the best stories in the bible, she reveals to us that with faith, truly anything is possible.”

Saint Hood Productions, Executive Producer Mark Stenig and Sanchez Films, LLC, obtained the rights to the book from the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Principal filming is scheduled to begin in October. The company is in pre-production now. Legendary film director, Robert Young is a creative consultant on the project. Mr. Young is best known for his directorial credits on The Eskimo: Fight for Life (1970) and Alambrista, winner of the Camera D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival (1977), the Ballad of Gregorio Cortez (1982) Navajo Girl, and Saving Grace (1986).  Nick and Zach Young, co-founders of Machine Eyes are the visual effects and post-editors on the film.  For more information about Saint Hood Productions visit: insert website address.