“The Lost Pueblo” Film Included in Great Lakes Christian Film Festival in Buffalo, New York

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For Immediate Release:  August 15, 2016

“The Lost Pueblo” Film Included in Great Lakes Christian Film Festival in Buffalo, New York 

(Albuquerque)—On Saturday, August 20th at 5pm at the Bread of Life Church, located at 1638 South Park Ave in Buffalo, NY, the New Mexican film “The Lost Pueblo” will be screened as part of the 2016 Great Lakes Christian Film Festival.   The festival will feature over 100 films from around the world, representing over 10 countries and includes feature films, short films, documentaries and music videos.  The Lost Pueblo, was produced last year in New Mexico with 95% of the cast and crew employed from New Mexico. The movie was selected from over 200 films that were submitted.  Director, Tomas Sanchez, has been nominated for Best Director in the North American Films Awards Category.

Director, Tomas Sanchez, has a 25-year history in the New Mexico film industry. Sanchez is known for acting in national commercial as young kid with Michael Jordan for McDonalds. He also appeared in: Two Guns, Breaking Bad, and Killer Women.  This year he was featured in Night Shift, Long-mire, Better call Saul. Recently Sanchez was booked on Villa Capri with Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones that will start shooting in September.

The Lost Pueblo, written and produced with his son Gabriel Sanchez, was inspired by the book, “Saints of the Pueblos” by Charlie Carillo.  Sanchez produced and directed the film because he wanted to produce a movie that would have a positive story line and inspire people. Sanchez said,

“I have been a stunt man and actor in over 65 films. I got tired of New Mexicans being portrayed in stories filled with drug addiction, drug cartels, gangs and violence.  I wanted to bring the     message that hope and love conquers evil. I wanted people to regain or deepen their relationship with Our Lord Almighty.”

The Lost Pueblo recounts the story of one of the pueblos that revolted when the Spanish settlers came to New Mexico.  Set in modern day New Mexico, two best friends and co-workers Tomas and Calvin are going to survey land for a new casino.  They talk about a local legend in which forgotten Saints haunt the land in search of their churches and people. The characters encounter good and evil including a fierce battle between Saints and the Devil.  The film reveals the rich, composite tapestry of New Mexican culture and history in a story that features Catholic Saints interacting with Northern New Mexican Hispanic, Pueblo Indian, and Anglo characters.  The characters each speak in their own languages.

“Congratulations to Tomas Sanchez for this well-deserved recognition for his movie “The Lost Pueblo”, said Ann Lerner, Film Liaison for the city of Albuquerque. “The Lost Pueblo” showcases the beautiful scenery of New Mexico, and the talented work of our local film crews.”

Matthew J. Martinez, Director, Northern Pueblos Institute, stated, “Beautiful and inspiring, The Lost Pueblo embodies the complexity of New Mexico’s diverse communities interwoven by a provocative and heartening story.”

Alex Chavez, Web Centric, Inc. “This film was much more than I expected. Not only does it show off the beauty of the land of enchantment with stunning landscapes, but the film also shares our culture and storytelling traditions. I showed it to my kids ages 21 and 23, and they were surprised. They really liked it.  You will be surprised too.”

Al Goto, Major Stunt Coordinator with Brand X Action Specialist, DGA, SAG Member “I especially liked the drone shots.  The film’s special effects including the computer generated elements were extremely sophisticated and well executed.”

Sanchez has continued his commitment to produce uplifting Christian programs and recently announced that he will produce and direct a new television series entitled, “At the End of the Santa Fe Trail.”  The TV series will tell the story of Sister Blandina Segale, a nineteenth century nun who resided in New Mexico. Blandina, the Servant of God, is now being considered, through an inquiry by the Congregation for the Cause of Saints, at the Vatican for Beatification and Canonization.

The Lost Pueblo featured a New Mexican cast and crew. See cast biographies at:

http://lostpueblo.sanchezfilmsllc.com/ For more information about The Lost Pueblo visit http://www.sanchezfilmsllc.com. To see the trailer click on this Vimeo link and enter the password “pueblo”.  https://vimeo.com/178121472